Internet Solutions – Overview

Internet Solutions

Internet connectivity is vital to all businesses. Securing the internet gateway is complex and takes highly qualified engineering resource. Configuration errors with any of these complex elements can result in a security breach or network down time.

Blaze Networks are trusted security specialists that manage hundreds of business networks and security systems throughout the UK and Ireland. Blaze’s cloud monitoring platform ensures both your connectivity and systems are fully operational.

Our high availability products include automatic failover across multiple tier-1 internet providers. This includes failover of VPN (virtual private network) services, something that cannot be achieved unless, like Blaze, your provider is a full ISP with network core equipment. At the heart of our success is our core network which has been in operation, without downtime, since being provisioned in 2003. Blaze Networks' core infrastructure operates out of the two of the most resilient data centres in the UK, offering our customers the best uptime available in the IT industry.

Blaze Networks offer a number of high availability products suited for both large and small organisations. Our products and services are fully managed with unbeatable SLAs. Blaze connect boasts a 99% uptime at highly competitive prices.

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