IT Maintenance Services – Overview

Complete IT Solutions Provider

Blaze Networks has undertaken network management & installation projects for all markets since its foundation in 2002. For the last ten years we have looked carefully at our customer’s requirements including; future growth, IT budgets, support and the need for a functional but cost effective, network based solutions. It is with our observations and experience that we can offer the best in planning, project management, implementation and support for businesses throughout the UK and Ireland.

We understand budget restrictions and the high demand for network stability. Our continual product research enables us to deliver cutting edge technologies within budget. What does this mean to customers of Blaze Networks? Controlled IT investment, network expandability, dedicated technical support and support contracts that are fixed - covering all eventualities.

Our Solutions are:
• Reliable
• Cost effective
• Rapidly Deployable
• Expandable

Blaze Networks Ltd. is a company that believes in customer satisfaction, we care that every effort is made to make your business have the stability and high functionality it needs and deserves.

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