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Gambling on Success

I’m Not a Gambling Man, but if I Was...

... I’d Bet I Could Save Your Business Money and Improve Your Service All at The Same Time!

When it comes to looking after our clients, we don’t leave anything to chance!

You can’t gamble your IT budget on inferior networks or poor customer service.  Every minute your connectivity is down or you’re sat in a call queue waiting to report a fault or chase progress, the business is directly impacted.

Now Christmas and the sales are out of the way, maybe it's time for a network review.  Many of our newest customers are coming to us because of problems they experienced over the holiday period with the increase in transactions and the subsequent increase in network congested and security threats.

If you weren't 100% happy with network performance, experienced an outage that you never want to experience again, or simply want to SAVE MONEY...    then let Blaze Networks ready your business for success in 2019.

Let us help you have a stress-free year with our Retail MPLS Network solution.

Contact me and I’ll personally prepare a customised quote for you.

•  We have a highly resilient, high availability, PCI DSS compliant network, designed for retail businesses that demand optimum performance, connectivity and regulatory compliance.

•  We only ask that you commit to a 30-day contract, nothing long term! This is ideal for “Pop-Up Stores”, but it also means you can vote with your feet if we don’t deliver.

We decided that we should only be successful if you are 100% happy with the service we offer and we know you’ll only stay with us if you are fully satisfied.  So not only do we refuse to hold you hostage by tying you in to long term contracts, but we also offer a completely free MPLS network installation.

We also offer probably the LOWEST monthly tariffs for probably the HIGHEST performance MPLS network in the UK today.

We have many major brands that use our Retail MPLS Network and we’d like you to have the best also.

If there ever was such thing as a sure bet, then we feel it’s Blaze Networks.

Want to know more ?

Find out how Blaze Networks can help improve your network and your business

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