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Mitigating Risk

All companies today have to be aware of the risk to their business, their brand and their ability to trade when using public Internet services.  This is a major challenge for high street retailers who often use the public internet for store transaction services. 

The more entry points into the Internet, and the more devices that need managing, increases the chance of human error, software defects or vulnerability that will potentially create a security breach and allow access to the retail network.

Reducing risk has 2 key benefits.  One is by reducing costs in the form of either actual costs or through the reduction of administration overheads.  The other is achieved by the mitigation of lost revenues, non compliance fines or brand damage.

Firstly let’s look at how a MPLS networks saves money over a VPN solutions:

•  Quarterly PCI-DSS penetration testing across all branches is not required, as no branch location is connected to the public Internet. There are only one or two entry points from the public Internet into the MPLS network.  This penetration testing cost reduces by ££££ thousands for retailers with over 30 branches.

•  The equipment used at the branch locations only needs to be low cost routing equipment, rather than sophisticated, highly featured CPE. This is because the branches are no longer connected to the public Internet.

•  The head office no longer needs high end expensive firewalling equipment as this is outsourced to the Service Provider and implemented on the perimeter of the MPLS network, thus safely connecting the entire estate to the public Internet.

•  With an MPLS network, the retailer can take advantage of low cost centralised Data Centre bandwidth and hosting. This allows the retailer to considerably reduce the amount of bandwidth required for the head office, whilst offering more resilience to the branch estate.

Now let’s address these administration and risk issues:

With a private retail MPLS network, like the service provided by Blaze Networks, there are only one or two centralised firewalls. This means all firewall policies and intrusion detection and prevention services can be managed on these two devices.

In addition to this, a MPLS service like ours is fully managed, so the retailer only need contact our support team for any Moves, Adds or Changes that are required.

This allows the retailer to concentrate their security investment into these two firewall entry points, again reducing cost and increasing security for the branch and head office estate.

In summary, any retailer investing in a private retail MPLS network will reduce risk and administration by centralising security investment and reducing the number of entry points on the public Internet.  




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