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Multiplied Innovation!

Keep It Simple Stupid… that’s an acronym and expression many of us will have heard over the years about the benefits of simplicity.  Granted… technology is not so simple these days, especially in the more advanced areas of evolution like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, but are we taking it too far?

IDC, the International Data Corporation, for years have led the world in market intelligence within the technology sector, but today I wonder if their marketing department is getting carried away?

The expression they coined last year about “Digitally Determined” organisations, I like.  Transforming a business through the use of technology is exciting and those businesses that are “determined” to take advantage of “Digitisation” will thrive and benefit massively; that I get and truly believe, but…“Multiplied Innovation”???

I’ve read a number of articles on this subject as many of the online forums jump on this after IDC’s FutureScape prediction for 2019. However, they don’t say much more than how the varying aspects of Cloud will drive Digital Transformation (DX).

So, let’s keep is simple…

Cloud infrastructure will account for 80% of core IT spend by 2028, that I believe, and the benefits of virtualisation do far outweigh traditional Data Centre solutions.  This “Digital Transformation” gets my full support and I’m happy to help anybody develop their Cloud Strategy so they can take advantage of this.

Cloud Native apps and the growth of DevOps teams within organisations to streamline business processes through technology, again gets my full backing.  It is this creative application of technology to business that is driving transformation, and there’s nothing I love more (as a self-confessed techie), than helping organisations take advantage of solutions that have a measurable impact on the bottom line.

Let’s not confuse the market with something new.  Businesses are still getting their head around “Digital Transformation” and what that means for them.  Let’s stick with that and not confuse or over complicate the situation with some new marketing hype.

We love simplicity… Our marketing message revolves around 2 things:

1. Helping clients MAKE money, or…

2. Helping clients SAVE money

A positive financial impact for our clients is our main driver, and the transformation of a business’ digital infrastructure to support this outcome is where we focus.

Maybe “Multiplied Innovation will drive a 10X increase in highly verticalised apps and services”, but I don’t think that means much to your average C-Level executive.

Keep it Simple…

…Embrace Cloud and look at ways to transform business processes with technology. 

Cut costs, drive revenues, improve the customer experience and enhance the workplace to drive productivity.

Maybe that’s what’s meant by “Multiplied Innovation”??  If so, it gets my blessing, but if that’s the case, say that and let’s not overcomplicate things.  K.I.S.S.

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