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Three Letters for Success

Current research is showing that 75% of shoppers are using their mobile device in-store as part of their shopping experience.

While they are shopping, they are taking advantage of their mobile connectivity to look for offers, to download coupons and vouchers, to price match between stores and even to research the products they are interested in before ever engaging with a shop assistant.

We at Blaze Networks, see this an unprecedented opportunity for retailers…

…and already have clients capturing thousands of potential customer contact details, in store, every month. 

This provides a huge opportunity for them to develop a digital relationship.  They can push customised offers and promotions directly to their customer’s smart device, drawing them in to their stores where they then have a captive audience at the potential point of purchase to truly differentiate that buyer experience.

You can see why mobility marketing is becoming so popular with retailers.  

The larger brands already see “Mobility” as one of their top five business priorities, investing in the appropriate infrastructure and skills set to address this strategic necessity…

…and This is Where Cisco’s Connected Mobility Experience (CMX) Engine Comes In!

To offer these location-based services, to capture demographic information that enables personalisation and enhances the user experience through real-time interactions there is a need for a device like the CMX, which is making that acronym the 3 most powerful letters in the battle for the high street.

This device enables retailers to implement our 3-part strategy for success… Detect, Connect and Engage.

The CMX firstly detects a potential customer’s mobile device as they approach the store.  It then provides a secure Wi-Fi connection and then has the opportunity to engage with that user, developing a virtual relationship by delivering a context-aware buying experience.

It also has an extremely powerful analytics engine that allows it to use the data it captures to find customer engagement opportunities. The CMX can track store visits, repeat visits, in-store dwell time, paths of movement, proximity information, store heat maps, peak period data, even sales by tracking checkout activity.

It truly is a game changer and when implemented with our secure and reliable retail connectivity services,  retailers are able to grab the high street digital revolution with both hands and create new and exciting marketing opportunities.

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