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Whatever Happened to the Telecoms Manager?

Whatever Happened to the Telecoms Manager?

 Although it’s easy to hide behind email and chat-based applications, verbal communication is still an important part of business interaction.

However, because of ever increasing security threats and the latest shiny object in the world of “Internet of something”, data and the IT side of things seems to continually get the limelight and the attention of bloggers and mainstream media. 

Because voice is often just seen as an application that runs on the data network, it’s often neglected and…

…This is Costing Retailers a Lot of Money! 

In our experience, unless somebody is at the point of finally retiring their traditional PBX, voice communications goes unnoticed. 

This lake of focus means many retailers are paying way over the odds for their calls and lines and could easily make huge savings very quickly!

The evaluation of the voice communications market, used to be the responsibility of the Telecoms Manager, but because this role has morphed in the world of IT, with what seem to be more pressing priorities, looking for the best voice deal often gets neglected.

Sometimes this responsibility now falls in the lap of the Finance Director because it’s simply seen as a cost.  But when did an FD get informed they were now the Telecoms Manager?

Every year, we, Blaze Networks, save British retailers money across all aspects of their IT and communications estate… which includes reducing the good old phone bill.

 All the retail stores that have switched their lines and minutes to Blaze Networks have saved money. 


We ran a “Phone Bill Challenge” recently, where we GUARANTEED that we would save a retailer money, and if we weren’t cheaper, we would give you the difference between our tariffs and what you currently pay back in cash.

 So far, I’ve not had to write any cheques!

 In fact, if you’d like to take the challenge…

  1. Message me and attach your last telephone bill (or send a connection request if we’re not already connected).
  2. I will analyse it and compare your current tariffs with ours.
  3. I will send you back a report showing how much money you could save.
  4. You decide if you want to switch and realise those savings (no obligation).
  5. If we can’t, I send you a cheque and gift to say thanks for your time.

For you… either outcome is good news.

Many believe the voice communications market is completely commoditised and that there aren’t any savings to be had, but the voice estate still today offers many opportunities for retailers to improve how they work and save themselves money and…

… you don’t have to lock yourself into a long-term contracts to gain these savings. 

Specialist service providers like Blaze Networks, offer 30-day rolling contracts.  Meaning, if you find a better deal elsewhere, you’re not held hostage.

When many high street retailers are having to close their doors, this is an easy way for businesses to improve their profitability with some quick and easy savings.

If the Telecoms Manager still existed as a real role, rather than a responsibility, these savings would quickly be realised and voice would regain its title as the communications medium of choice, because at the end of the day, as BT used to say many years ago…

…It’s Good to Talk!

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