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Retail IT Challenges

Here’s some of the most common issues and challenges our customers tell us they face, when managing their IT estate; customers who are retail businesses like many of you.

Do any of them sound familiar? Which impacts you the most? 

• Growing the network without wasting money

• Getting the best support from suppliers to keep the business running

• Dealing with multiple suppliers or...

• Dealing with a faceless organisation like the bigger incumbents

• Managing staff usage of Internet services

• Security threats and associated brand damage

• Being compliant and mitigating fines

• Having appropriate Bandwidth or service capacity when needed

• Locked into long term, inflexible contracts

As somebody who, for 5 years, worked for a major retailer in charge of IT, I know what it’s like to manage these challenges with ever decreasing budgets and ever-increasing demands on you to keep the business safe and compliant.

That’s why Ben and I strive to provide the best possible IT services for retailers in the industry and why your feedback by selecting from the above will help us ensure we achieve our goal.  

Here’s what clients say they like about us...  

• “Specialist Retail focus and business understanding”

• “Single point of contact for everything”

• “Best price point in the market”

• “Excellent and proactive service and support”

• “Flexible Short term 30-day contracts”

• “Strong IT and Communications foundation for our business growth”  

If you’re not already a client, simply contact us on the details below and let us know what challenges you face and what Blaze Networks could do for you to create IT utopia.  

Simon Brassington

Technical Director, Retail IT Specialist, Blaze Networks    

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