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Yay Without Nay!

That’s probably an unusual question, so let me explain …

As you know by now, I have a healthy passion for retailing.  I’ve worked in retail, most of our clients are retailers and all our solutions are designed to support retail businesses like yours.

This means… I study retailing.  I watch what our clients, companies like Office Outletfor example, are doing so that we can help them better.  In doing so, I recently spotted a retail marketing trend, the “Yay Without Nay” advertising headline. 

In fact, you see this is everywhere. You’ve only got to look at the magazine section in your local supermarket and you’ll see…

“How to Lose 15lb in 15 days (the ‘Yay’) Without Giving Up Your Favourite Food (which would be the ‘Nay’)”

One recent headline from an electrical retailer read…

“How to Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer and Stop Them Driving You Crazy Without Breaking the Bank of Mum and Dad”

I’m sure you recognise that sort of message, so here’s my “Yay Without Nay”…

How to Increase Your IT Network Performance, Reliability and Security WITHOUT Increasing Your IT Spend

How does that grab your attention?

So… What’s Your “Yay Without Nay”?

Could it be…

How You Can Improve Your Business IT Infrastructure and SAVE MONEY Without Any Disruption or Stress

Now, I know that saving money isn’t what it’s all about, remember, I was once Head of IT for a major retailing organisation, but doing more each year with an often reducing IT budget is a perpetual challenge and we can help.

Office Outlet, who I just mentioned, saved over £½ Million PER YEAR when they moved their store connectivity to Blaze Networks.

In fact, most of our clients have saved money when they’ve migrated their network to us.

As security threats continue to increase, whilst the importance of data protection also becomes more paramount, sometimes saving money in one area, simply allows for the investment in other aspects of IT, but we all have our own challenges, so…

…CHALLENGE ME with your ‘Yay Without Nay”.

Here’s one last 'yay without nay' from me…

Discover How Blaze Networks Can Help Your Business WITHOUT Obligation and WITHOUT Any High Pressure Selling

Leave a comment and post what “yay without nay” you’d like to see from an IT provider.

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