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Getting The Best Support

What do You Want in an IT Support Contract?

In an attempt to improve our network support service, so that we might attract more customers to what we believe and strive to be the best possible levels of IT service available to the retail sector, we recently asked our existing customers…

“What’s the most important aspect of an IT support contract?”

The number one response was that it must be proactive support. Although everybody agreed that a Service Provider should offer 24/7 support, 92% stressed that a “response” service is not good enough. Instead, a great Service Provider must provide proactive network monitoring.

Why is this important? 

It’s important because an out-of-hours fault can often be resolved before store opening time, thus not affecting trading and revenue generating activities.

 The last thing you want is to discover you have a network failure at 0900 on a Saturday morning, when the fault happened at 10pm the night before when the store was shut.

For the record, at Blaze Networks, our retail customers can contact our technical support line 24/7, including bank holidays, but…

What’s more important (according to our customers) is the fact that our out-of-hours engineers are proactively notified of any major network failure by our monitoring platform. This means our proactive support approach is maintained around the clock, resolving problems before they become business impacting.

If, however, there is a need for store access to resolve the problem, but a store is shut and not contactable, our engineers don’t wait until opening time, they will still progress the fault as far as possible in the out-of-hours period, completing all the copper line tests and broadband checks.

This ensures the fastest possible resolution can be achieved.

Our engineers go above and beyond to ensure a client’s retail estate is operational 24/7.

With a growing ability for retailers to use technology to engage better with their customers, to use IT as a business enabler that enhances the customer experience and subsequently increases customer spend, high network availability is paramount.

But things do sometimes go wrong and it’s at that point that great “Proactive” IT support speaks for itself.


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