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Network Peace of Mind for Retailers

Avoiding Interruption to your Business
(and keeping customers walking through the door).

Providing a great experience is one of the key success factors for any Retail or Hospitality business, starting from the moment a customer walks through the door. There are lots of ways of doing this, of course, and Blaze Networks takes the hassle out of several key ones:   

  • Keeping card payment devices online and secure. Card payments encourage higher spending as well as provide consumer convenience.  The last thing a retailer wants is to turn customers away because the network is down and you can’t take cards.
  • You might provide consumers with complimentary free WiFi. A nice draw card when implemented in a way which protects the business from hackers (who might sit down and use your guest WiFi to penetrate your main network!), and which also ensures you maintain full compliance with GDPR regulations.    
  • Keeping the operation properly supplied, avoiding stock-outs (and stock loss).  All multi-site businesses also need to keep their POS, stock management, CCTV, and back-office systems online – and secure.  
  • Keeping customer payments and information (and your own business information) secure and avoiding the public scandal associated with your systems being hacked or ransom-ware attacks.  

Blaze Networks is a Managed Network Security Provider (MSSP) which can make achieving each of these as hassle-free as possible. We can put everything in place to get you connected and then manage it for you., so you can focus on your business and delivering great customer service.

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For the Technically-Minded

Blaze Networks is a private UK business, operating nationally and based in the North West. We are a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) who deliver (and manage) highly resilient and secure, software-defined (SD-WAN), private networks for multi-site retailers, hospitality and leisure companies.

Connecting each branch’s card payment devices, POS systems, Stock Management, CCTV, WiFi and back office systems to your HQ and/or the outside world should be worry free. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Technical disruption, cyber-security attacks, and compliance with regulations such as GDPR (as related to free WiFi) and the PCI-DSS card payments requirements all have to be managed.

Networks have many security vulnerability access points, with email-born vectors, poorly-protected or designed WiFi, branch network, and nowadays even CCTV, physical access and fire and security systems represent potential network security breach points.

Fortunately, this is what Blaze Networks does. We have created a unique network across the UK which blends a highly resilient and secure network design with industry leading secure equipment and our own UK-based Network Operations Centre (NOC).  We can provide multi-site businesses with their own networks which are highly secure and reliable.

This design and the advanced systems which we use enables us to manage each customer‘s network pro-actively: pro-active monitoring enables us to spot and solve any problems before they become a crisis. The use of Private SD-WAN technology gives us total visibility and control right across the network, down to the smallest element. This vastly speeds up any remedial actions or planned changes.

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