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As an MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider), Blaze Networks provides SMB and large organisations with a complete, secure, managed solution, tailored to their specific networking needs.  We design the right solution for each customer, taking into account detailed infrastructure considerations and design objectives. 

Selected Solutions from Blaze

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Private SD-WAN

Blaze Networks have created a unique network across the UK which blends a highly resilient and secure network design with industry leading secure equipment and our own Network Operations Centre (NOC). Based around our own network, we provide multi-site businesses with their own private SD-WAN networks which are highly secure and reliable.

This design and the advanced systems which we use enables us to manage each customer‘s network pro-actively: pro-active monitoring enables us to spot and solve any problems before they become a crisis.  The use of Private SD-WAN technology gives us total visibility and control right across the network, down to the smallest element. This vastly speeds up any remedial actions or planned changes.

And our network enables you to avoid compliancy headaches: we are certified as complying with the exacting requirements of PCI-DSS.

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Blaze Cloud

Blaze Cloud is a Hosted Infrastructure platform allowing you to move your server workload from on-premises or dedicated server hosting centres. Built using Industry-leading components as Lenovo Servers, Cisco Nexus Switches and Microsoft technology (like that deployed in Azure), we can provide a resilient, secure, high performance infrastructure at a very competitive price.

Benefit from Enterprise level redundancy at SMB Prices without the huge Capital Expenditure outlay.

By moving your servers to the Cloud, on-premises server users can save on physical space, electricity and cooling costs.

Only pay for only what you need and scale your infrastructure as your company grows: with Blaze Cloud you have the ability to increase CPU cores and memory to match your exact resource requirements rather than have to select pre-defined custom sizes of virtual machines where you may pay for excess CPU or memory from the likes of AWS and Azure.

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