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Blaze Support

As a Managed Security Services Provider, Blaze offers a wide range of Support services.  We pride ourselves on the level of support we are able to offer, and regard this as fundamental to our overall value proposition for customers.

Service Desk

At the heart of Blaze Networks’ operation is our process-driven service desk, operated by our team of experts that are there to support you day and night. We focus on your requirements and develop standard operating procedures that allow us to become at true extension of your own business teams.

We employ enthusiastic IT professionals and continuously develop their skills and knowledge through training institutes provided by our partners like Fortinet, Mitel and Microsoft. Additionally, we invest extensively in our team’s technical accreditations to ensure Blaze is at the forefront of technology change and the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Compliancy Driven Support Network.

Blaze are a compliancy-driven security focused business; our helpdesk technical teams connect to your business via our fully audited MZ network. Rest assured the IT services you consume from Blaze are both secure, certified and audited by a third party to ensure our customers our protected.

Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM)

As a Managed Security Services Provider, Blaze’s UK-based customer service desk in our Network Operations Centre (NOC), proactively monitors our customers’ connectivity estate so we can spot any developing problems, often before the customer needs to report them.

Blaze offers full access into the monitoring systems so that the end customer can see their connectivity status in real time or report on historical information like bandwidth reports.

This capability as a service provider sets Blaze networks aside from over 90% of the competition in the UK connectivity market. Proactive monitoring allows our customers to free up time but have overall control of key performance indicators from the helpdesk and uptime information for the monitoring platform.

Consultancy (It’s about You)

It’s about you, our expert advisors build solutions based on your requirements from a portfolio of products and services provided by Microsoft, Fortinet and Mitel. Solution-based consulting ensures you get the technical capabilities of products moulded around your requirements to address your needs. By having such a vast array of products at our fingertips, we are confident we can help you achieve your business goals - increasing productivity whilst reducing cost and complexity. 

As your business’ networks, security and compliancy requirements all change over time our consultants are on hand to ensure the technology evolves alongside digital strategy changes. If you operate our SD-WAN or private network offerings, then consultancy is provided for free.


The security threat landscape increases as technology advances, and dramatic expansion of the attack surface has seen even the most capable IT teams exposed.

No aspect is immune: in this ever-evolving environment it is the business process that protects a business’ assets and employees. For example, the adoption of cloud computing and software as a service, has made the boundary of any network less clear and much harder to protect. Every business is different in terms of processes, applications and people and each element of the business systems needs protection. Overlooking any element can compromise the entire structure, with massive potential impact on the business’ brand reputation and financial performance.

As a compliance-driven business and Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Blaze are equipped with over a decade of experience in understanding boundary-based security and layer security architecture that covers the entire attack surface. It is complicated and structing a business around this requirement comes with a vast array of challenges for both the business and Blaze as the managed security service provider. Choosing the right partner that understand these complex 


Without compliancy standards the security of an IT infrastructure will be limited. A security framework like PCI-DSS, or Cyber Essentials helps business drive security into every critical business process and system exposed to Cyber threats. Certain standards are specific to industry requirements, others are more generic and apply to all businesses. The enforcement of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) means all businesses need to have a framework in place and failure to do so will leave you exposed to fines from the ICO

Blaze helps businesses with compliancy in several ways:

  • We operate a compliancy-driven network that is audited to PCI-DSS standards, thereby removing compliancy strain from business owners and IT teams. Our experience of this complex undertaking (over many years) enables Blaze to provide customers with consultancy advice on how to become compliant under a vast array of compliancy standards.
  • We work closely with our partners to ensure our customers are provided with initial gap analyses if no framework exists. Where necessary our partners provide auditing services to ensure standards are being met so compliancy accreditations can be received.
  • Compliancy evolves and changes with business needs, and for this reason ongoing engagement is provided to cover employee training, process gap analysis, and audits to ensure compliancy process is followed.

Find out if we are a fit for your business. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you no matter how big or small your requirement.  Please contact us to find out more.

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