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Our customers say we are passionate about networks. We love networks so much it’s in our name.

Network Support

Blaze operate our own carrier network interconnecting into major internet service providers like BT, Vodafone, Virgin, Zen, Colt and SSE.

Data Centre and Blaze Network Support

Our interconnected infrastructure allows us to build resilient single-site or multisite SD-WAN national networks for our customers. Learn more about our SD-WAN solutions here. As a network operator we have daily hands-on experience in implementing and maintaining Enterprise grade networking equipment from leading manufacturers like Fortinet and Cisco.

We work night and day to ensure our network has the best uptime in our industry, and we are proud that our core network has had 100% uptime for the last 6 years. With this incredible uptime achievement, we are in the best possible position to implement and maintain networking equipment for our customers.

We get network support right!

It takes teams of people to achieve excellence in support. Blaze support and projects teams are the very heart of our business. Our continuous learning strategy allows us to provide multiple layers of skilled network engineers that we make available to our customers.  Other elements of our approach are:  

  • We go above and beyond to pass on what we know - and that has led to a rewarding relationship with our customers and their IT teams.
  • We invest heavily in our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution so that we can provide both proactive and reactive support for our customers’ infrastructures.
  • We constantly upgrade and pass on new feature capabilities to our customers to ensure they are always on top of the digital evolution.
  • We enable authentications via our service desk network to ensure all authentications can be tracked.
  • We invested in our internal vulnerability scanning platform to ensure your assets are patched and not open to attack.
  • We provide change control via our support network, so investigation and rollback is possible on all equipment at any time.
  • Customers and Blaze engineers can submit and track issues that are proactive or reactive through our service desk ticketing platform - the ticketing platform providing full case management and reporting for your network assets.   

If you want to see a truly processes-driven support framework for the management of your network assets by a team of people who love networking, then Blaze are the right fit for you.

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