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Internet connectivity is the life line for all business even more so with the evolution of cloud networking. Securing the business connectivity is complex task with the ever-evolving online threats. Configuration issues, updates, lack of management or just simple gaps in business procedures are a major source of security breaches.

Blaze Networks as a managed service provider and a network operator take pain away from our customer by providing a seamless approach to a connectivity line or estate that we define in three areas.

Delivery, proactively monitor and maintain.


Blaze can deliver a vast amount of connectivity solutions from fibre broadband to dedicate uncontended Ethernet services. With all connectivity offerings, the service must be delivered to the customer locations. Blaze Networks fully manage this installation process on behalf of our customers so they need not deal with third party contractors like Openreach thus allowing the customer to concentrate on what matters. As part of our project delivery team we offer the customer Prince 2 certified provisioning managers that will keep them updated with progress of the connectivity being delivered. In most cases connectivity is just a driving point to deliver end services like credit card transactions or Microsoft Office 365 services to a location. Our certified delivery team ensure projects are aligned to the customer's exact requirements and deliver dates.     

Proactively Monitor

Unlike most providers in the UK as a managed service provider Blaze Networks proactively monitors our customer’s connectivity estate. In the event of a connectivity issue the Blaze technical assistance centre contacts the end customer and starts the troubleshooting process. These troubleshooting steps are captured in the helpdesk platform that informs and allows the Blaze technical teams to interact with the end customer if required. This interaction from the helpdesk starts from the initial problem being flagged on the Blaze monitoring system to the technical resolution and issue closure. In addition to the helpdesk platform Blaze offers full access into the monitoring systems so that the end customer can see their connectivity status in real time or report on historical information like bandwidth reports.

This capability as a service provider sets Blaze networks aside from over 90% of the competition in the UK connectivity market. Proactive monitoring allows our customers to free up time but have overall control of key performance indicators from the helpdesk and uptime information for the monitoring platform.


It’s not just about supporting and proactively monitoring a connectivity solution, there’s life cycle to almost all things IT. Connectivity just like a piece of physical hardware needs to be maintained. Communication requirements change in the terms of how much bandwidth is required, do the service levels agreements still align with the customer’s business needs and are costs in line with the comm’s industry. These areas are managed and maintained by Blaze Networks, each year connectivity checks are conducted against each of the customer’s network locations to ensure the best solution is being provided in terms of the connectivity itself the SLA and the communication hardware life cycle. This allows our customers to have the best optimised connectivity solution the industry can offer not just at the time of purchase but through the evolution of their business.     


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