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Direct Peering of Cloud Services

How to maintain control of your service level agreements and retain your own private space away from the public internet.

Advantages of Direct Peering

With the increasing adoption of cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Amazon AWS, businesses sometimes make sub-optimal network choices which introduce security vulnerabilities and impact performance (for example, connecting to a cloud service via the public internet).

Important considerations when investing in a cloud service on which you will build your business include:

  • Should your business-critical data be shipped back and forth over the public internet?
  • Is the latency between you and the cloud service acceptable and how will this latency be guaranteed if you require it to be at a certain level for things like SQL replication?
  • Do you have regulatory or compliancy requirements that force your data to be maintained privately in the UK?
  • Do you need a contract that covers the cloud connection service end to end (covering service level agreements for service uptime and latency)? 
  • What if something goes wrong in between the ISP and the cloud service provider, potentially something outside of your ISP’s control?  (Most ISPs do not have direct peering arrangements into the cloud service providers’ networks, even if the ISP has a relationship with your chosen cloud service provider).

In each of these situations, Direct Peering offers substantial advantages.

Direct Peering Connection through the Blaze Private Network

Offered in connection with our Ethernet product range, Direct Peering connects your sites (using Blaze’s Ethernet connectivity products) though the Blaze Private Core Network and on into your cloud service provider's network using the private interconnects which Blaze has established with leading cloud service providers. Your data is no longer routed over the public internet and most importantly you will have end to end service level agreements from Blaze.

Blaze have private interconnections into major cloud providers like Microsoft and AWS so private virtual local area networks VLAN’s can be connected all the way from your cloud service directly into your network.

The Blaze Private Core Network

As Blaze are an ISP (Internet Services Provider) we can provide national private communication links into customers locations. This enhances security and enables guaranteed end to end SLA’s on connectivity on Blaze Network products. Private connections provide a route for your traffic that does not travel over the public internet. Non-Blaze solutions which incorporate public internet cannot provide any level of meaningful guarantee.

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