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Where Business demand high amounts of bandwidth and increased SLAs, Ethernet is the right fit.  Sometimes referred to as Leased Lines, Ethernet circuits deliver low latency, dedicated Symmetrical bandwidth to the premises, and are not reliant on the distance to the nearest BT exchange (in the way that consumer-grade broadband is).

All of Blaze’s Ethernet Circuits are delivered on Fibre - ensuring you get the bandwidth you pay for.  All our Ethernet circuits come with a free Fortinet firewall, free backup broadband, and free network monitoring which is available for you to look at in real time online.

Blaze offer a range of Ethernet circuits to suit your business needs. These include:

  • Dedicated Internet Access – For companies who need fast internet.
  • Ethernet Access Direct - For linking sites together within a 24 Km range
  • Private MPLS Circuits – For connecting Head Offices or Branches to a private network.

All these are available at a bandwidth to suit your requirements ranging from 10Mb per second to 10Gb per second.

Why choose an Ethernet circuit versus Broadband or FTTC?

Ethernet circuits may be best for you where your needs include any of:

  • High bandwidth consumption (beyond what ADSL or FTTC can provide to your location)
  • The business is highly reliant on internet access
  • Sites are over 4 Km from the BT exchange and no FTTC available
  • The business needs low latency between sites

Every network which Blaze builds is custom designed for your requirements. Our highly experienced engineers are ready to help you build a network which not only meets your business needs but is cost effective too.

Connectivity through the Blaze Private Core Network

In addition, because Blaze are an ISP (Internet Services Provider) we can provide national private communication links into customers locations. This enhances security and enables guaranteed end to end SLA’s on connectivity on Blaze Network products. Private connections provide a route for your traffic that does not travel over the public internet. Non-Blaze solutions which incorporate public internet cannot provide any level of meaningful guarantee. 

Interested in creating a Private Network / SD-WAN?

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