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Blaze Networks provide both IP-based telephony and fixed line systems and services.  We can provide all of your telephony requirements from a single analogue line to a complex multichannel contact centre solution.  We supply businesses large and small, single site to larger retailers with hundreds of sites  - so you can be sure we will be able to provide you with the service you require.


Blaze Networks have been providers of telephony services for over 10 years and have a reputation for delivering unbeatable service in the industry.  Our focus on the retail, hospitality, and leisure sectors means that the Blaze team are used to dealing with large complex telephony deployments, and we take away the pain of dealing with large providers who frequently let customers down.

As we are also an IT service provider IP is second nature to us, so we fully understand the needs of IP telephony, either on-site or through SIP trunks.  Where traditional telephony companies may struggle to understand QoS and the importance of traffic priority, we can help ensure your network is ready for your VoIP deployment.

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