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Fixed Lines & Minutes

Blaze Networks are a provider of OpenReach Fixed lines and minutes.  We take away the pain of dealing with large carriers to whom you are a number and frequently let customers down on both delivery and after sales service.

Minutes Analogue ISDN 2 & 30


Blaze Networks are a Retail focused company so you can be sure we will have your phone lines in before your store opens.  With a dedicated provisioning team we understand the challenges that can arise whilst setting up a new store are more than used to resolving them.  Further more when faults arise we know how important this is to your business and you can be assured that our highly skilled support team will have faults resolved in record time.


There are 3 main areas in which we provide telephony Fixed Lines and Minutes and these are described in more detail below:


  • Minutes - This is the per minute charge you receive for making a call.
  • Analogue – These are phone lines provided on BT OpenReachs’ Copper network and provide a simple phone lines and can be also used to deliver broadband.
  • ISDN – Come in 2 types , ISDN 2 which support from 2 to 8 lines and ISDN 30 which supports 8+ lines. These are used for phone systems and can be delivered on copper or fibre. 


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Blaze Networks only sell OpenReach minutes.  This is so that we can offer you the most stable solution there is and without using a 3rd party CPS provider you can ensure you’ll never have to dial the 1280 prefix before dialling to make a call.   Because of our buying power with OpenReach we can beat any other providers price and offer an money back guarantee for any class of call we don’t achieve this on.


Blaze Networks install 100’s of new analogue lines a year and support 1000’s more.  We have a dedicated provisioning team who are extremely experience on dealing with OpenReach and because of this we deliver new lines by the dead line every time.  We are very used to dealing with new store openings and understand the importance of getting lines in on time.  We also understand the challenges that can occur through the process and can take the pain away from you having to deal with large carriers directly whilst still being cost effective.


Although BT have now signalled the end of life of the ISDN product line and customers are slowly migrating services to IP based replacements such as SIP, Blaze Networks can still provide ISDN2 or ISDN 30 for customers who require them for legacy systems or customers who don’t have the connectivity to support IP based replacements. 


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