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Blaze Networks provide private SIP trunks to your location over our connectivity offering true end to end QOS.  These can be connected either to your existing PBX or a ShoreTel solution we provide delivering a more cost effective alternative to ISDN.


Private QOS Secure


As a IT solutions provider we not only understand IP, we know it inside out.  Where as traditional telephony providers struggle to understand the concepts of QOS, this is something we do day in day out not only for SIP but for other line of business applications too. We are an ISP so when our SIP trunks are delivered over our connectivity we can offer true end to end QOS to ensure call quality is perfect every call you make.

Because SIP is IP based we can provision new services within hours and increase or decrease the number of trunks within minutes.  This means that you can be assured that if you congest you trunks and customer receive an engaged tone, we can act quickly to resolve the issue for you.

With our multipath resilient connectivity offerings we can ensure that your SIP trunks are available all of the time even if your primary Ethernet or Broadband service fails without any human intervention.  Please see the connectivity pages for more details.

Quality Of Service (QOS) ensures that voice traffic takes priority over other traffic such as downloads or windows updates so that even if your connectivity is fully utilised, your call quality will not suffer.  We are an ISP so we can provide true end to end QOS from your PBX though to the PSNT network and because we are a IT service provider we can setup QOS on your LAN or guide you through the process.


To be able to provide true end to end QOS as described on the QOS tab, we maintain multiple private circuits into carrier networks so voice calls never travel over the public internet.   


As described on the Private tab, calls never pass over the public internet and thus intercepting voice packets is impossible.  This also means that SIP hacks are mitigated because hackers can never gain access to the PBX, spoof IPs or manipulate SIP packets.


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