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Business Un-interrupted

The last thing your business needs to be worrying about is your internet connection. Card payment networks, POS systems, WiFi, back-office systems “in the cloud” - they all should just be there. Always.

Blaze puts everything in place for you to get connected and then manages it for you, so you stay that way.

Fortunately, because Blaze Networks pro-actively monitor all your branches, any interruption will be brief.  We can be sorting things out before anyone tells us to!

SD-WAN Networks for Improved Network Resilience and Management

Blaze Networks helps multi-site retailers, hospitality and leisure businesses run on highly reliable and secure networks.  We provide hassle-free setup and management of network connections that are secure by design.

Operating nationally, and based in the North West, Blaze Networks delivers highly resilient and secure software-defined (SD-WAN) networks for multi-site retailers, hospitality and leisure companies. Learn more about Blaze Private SD-WAN.

Regulatory Compliance and Network Security – Sorted!

Connecting your branches’ card payment devices, POS systems, WiFi and back office systems to the outside world should be worry free.  Unfortunately, this is often not the case.  Technical disruption, cyber-security attacks, and compliance with regulations such as GDPR (as related to free WiFi) and the PCI-DSS card payments requirements all need to be managed.

Fortunately, this is what Blaze Networks does. We have created a unique network across the UK which blends a highly resilient and secure network design with industry leading secure equipment and our own Network Operations Centre (NOC). We can provide multi-site businesses with their own networks which are highly secure and reliable.

And our network enables you to avoid compliancy headaches: we are certified as complying with the exacting requirements of PCI-DSS, helping to ensure the security of your branches’ card transactions.

Network Service Resolution - Industry-Leading 6-hour SLA  

This design and the advanced systems which we use enables us to manage each customer‘s network pro-actively: pro-active monitoring enables us to spot and solve any problems before they become a crisis.  The use of Private SD-WAN technology gives us total visibility and control right across the network, down to the smallest element. This vastly speeds up any remedial actions or planned changes.

Easy to do Business With

Blaze Networks are focused on delivering outstanding customer service: we offer no-hostage contracts for customers (just a 30 day notice), and a 6 hour Service Level Agreement (SLA) on network service.  Your peace of mind and the hassle we remove from your business means we have the highest level of customer retention:  a 100% customer retention rate.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you keep all your branches online, right across the country.

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